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Coaches Conference

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Coaches Conference
  • Due Diligence in the Strength and Conditioning Profession

    Episode 1

  • ACL Protocols with Deceleration Drills for High School Athletes

    Episode 2

    From the NSCA’s 2020 Coaches Conference, Scott Schultz and Beau Smith show hands-on drills for prehabilitation of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) to reduce the risk of injury in sport. These drills include posterior chain warm-up exercises, plyometric and balance exercises, and proper landin...

  • Snatches for Sport Performance: Simple Progressions and Proven Correctives

    Episode 3

    In this hands-on session from the 2020 NSCA Coaches Conference, Sport Science Manager at USA Weightlifting, Dr. Anna Swisher, discusses the technique of the snatch including progressions, regressions, and coaching cues for each part of the movement.

  • Sharpening the Mental Edge: The Use of Sport Psychology Techniques in S&C

    Episode 4

    Adam Feit, Coordinator of Physical and Mental Performance at Springfield College, discusses the use of psychological skills in collegiate strength and conditioning and shares his insight into how strength coaches are in an optimal position to incorporate more of these skills into the weight room.

  • How to Become a Professional-Level Strength Coach

    Episode 5

    In this professional development session from the 2020 NSCA’s Coaches Conference, Sean Marohn, former Director of Strength and Conditioning for the Cincinnati Reds Major League Baseball (MLB) team, explains how the coaching profession has evolved in MLB and what young coaches can do to set themse...

  • Child's Play: FUNdamental Warm-Up Games for All Sports

    Episode 6

    From the 2020 NSCA Coaches Conference, Ashley Jones, Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Houston SaberCats Major League Rugby team, presents a high-energy hands-on presentation highlighting fun warm-up games coaches can implement with their athletes.

  • Training Athletic Development and Conditioning in Elite Soccer Players

    Episode 7

  • Character by Design

    Episode 8

    From the 2020 NSCA Coaches Conference, Jim Davis, Founder of the Good Athlete Project, presents his mission for maximizing the potential of athletics as education and the many components that create the framework of a high order performance goal.

  • Lessons Learned – “The Training Process”

    Episode 9

    In this session from the NSCA Coaches Conference 2020, Bo Sandoval, Director of Strength and Conditioning for the UFC Performance Institute, discusses the processes in which they assess their athletes, provide individualized training programs to make weight or build performance, and the various w...