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  • 2021 NBSCA Summit: Pre Game Musts

    1 video

    In this breakout session from the 2021 NBSCA Virtual Performance Summit, the Memphis Grizzlies Perfomance Staff discuss 'pre-game musts'.

  • 2021 NBSCA Summit: Panel Discussion

    1 video

    Panel discussion hosted during the 2021 NBSCA Performance Summit to discuss "Training Improvisation: Optimizing Performance & Health During Pandemic" Panelists included Bill Burgos, Head Strength 6 C□nditi□ning, Minnesota Timberwolves; Michael Ashton, Director of Physical and Performance Therapy,...

  • 2021 NBSCA Summit: Ty Yeaton

    1 video

    In this breakout session from the 2021 NBSCA Sports Performance Summit, Ty Yeaton, Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Boston Celtics, discusses Measuring and Progressing In-Season Strength Programming.

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