• VALD Announcement: A Message from the CEO

    The NSCA is pleased to welcome VALD Performance to the NSCA's Corporate Family as a National Sponsor. To celebrate the partnership, VALD offers NSCA Members a free pair of AirBands Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs worth up to $379 when ordering any of VALD’s systems by December 31, 2022. For more in...

  • Fluid Periodization – Training the Modern Day Athlete

    In this session from the 2020 NSCA Coaches Conference, Matt Nein, Coordinator of Sports Performance at Salisbury University, discusses his fluid periodization model for coaches to use to easily adapt to the changing situations on a week-to-week (or even day-to-day) basis, and still optimize train...

  • Sport and Performance Technology Special Interest Group (SIG) with Tim Suchomel

    Dr. Tim Suchomel details the new Sport and Performance Technology SIG group, why it's so important, and how it can lead to future opportunities within sport science and coaching. Recorded at the 2021 National Conference in Orlando.

  • Sleep in Elite Athletes

    From the 2022 NSCA’s Coaches Conference, Head of Combat Sports at the Star, Matt Crawley, discusses the importance of sleep in athletes, examines some high performance case studies involving sleep tracking, and provides sleep health resources for strength and conditioning coaches.

  • Bridge the Gap Practical: The Cognitive-Exercise Intersection

    From the 2021 NSCA National Conference, Brandon Stone helps coaches connect cognitive training and physical training to enhance sports performance.

  • Mechanical Perspectives on Injury Prevention

    From the 2022 NSCA’s Coaches Conference, Luke Bradford discusses injury prevention programming from a perspective of the structures of the body and the application of mechanics.

  • Building a Performance Nutrition Culture

    From the 2022 NSCA’s Coaches Conference, Brittney Bearden discusses nutrition culture, the impact it has on athletes, how strength and conditioning coaches can play a role in nutritional habits, and how to collaborate with sports dieticians.

  • Micro-Dosing Strength Training - a Conceptual Framework

    From the 2022 NSCA’s Coaches Conference, Paul Comfort discusses micro-dosing strength training in athletes and provides some preliminary research comparing it to a more traditional training approach.