• Enhancing Performance Under Stress: Cognitive, Physical, and Tactical Training

    Mark Stephenson explains the systems of stress response for tactical personnel and the cognitive influence on decision-making and reaction time. Access the CEU Quiz here: https://dxpprod.nsca.com/certification/ceu-quizzes/integrating-cognitive-training-into-the-tactical-environment/

  • Speed and Agility Training for Baseball/Softball with Paul Chandler

    University of Florida's Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for baseball and softball, Paul Chandler, speaks about warm-up and mobility patterns used for his athletes. This Bridge video demonstrates techniques that are referenced in the article “Speed and Agility Training for Baseball/Softball,”...

  • TrainHeroic and Vernon Griffith: Build A Coaching Business You Love

    TrainHeroic is the personal training platform that gives you the tools you need to build a personal training business you love. Train lifelong clients from anywhere in the world, and never sacrifice your personal freedom or stability. Start your free 14-day trial today, and look like the pro you ...

  • Special Populations Special Topic Issue: Morey Kolber

    In the episode Dr. Morey Kolber discusses the Special Populations Special Topic Issue, published in Issue 44-6 of Strength and Conditioning Journal. Dr. Kolber discusses the articles that appear in this special issue and why it is important for strength and conditioning professionals to be famili...

  • Introduction to Force Plates and Performance Testing

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    This course is an introduction to force plates and performance testing. This course covers the basics of setup and calibration of force plates, and then walks through several fundamental performance tests including squat jumps, countermovement jumps, drop jumps and loaded jumps. Two versions of...

  • Bridge the Gap Practical - Weight Room Triage for Strength Coaches

    In this hands-on session from the 2022 NSCA’s Coaches Conference, Tex McQuilkin provides strength and conditioning coaches with ways to connect the warm-up to movements in the weight room.