• Benefits of Eccentric Strength Training

    For this Education Portal segment, Antonio Squillante discusses the benefits of eccentric strength training.

  • Meet The NSCA's Strongman Special Interest Group

    Purpose Statement: The purpose of the NSCA Strongman SIG is to help strength and conditioning coaches to safely and effectively integrate strongman training with their athletes. Our goal is to combine the science-based approach that is the hallmark of the NSCA. Along with the heritage of strongma...

  • Are Instability Devices Effective for Improving Core Strength and Stability?

    For this Education Portal video, Gregg Davis discusses the effectiveness of instability devices for improving core strength and stability in healthy, adult athletes.

  • Sled Pushing and Pulling to Enhance Speed Capability

    This video overviews the acute cross-sectional studies that have investigated resisted sled pulling and pushing.
    Associated with: Strength & Conditioning Journal. 41(4):94-104, August 2019.
    Read the article here: https://journals.lww.com/nsca-scj/Abstract/2019/08000/Sled_Pushing_and_Pulling_to_...

  • Programming for the Novice Athlete

    CEU Quiz: https://www.nsca.com/certification/ceu-quizzes/programming-for-the-novice-athlete-quiz
    Tex McQuilkin, Director of Training for Power Athlete HQ, defines athleticism as a trainable performance variable at the 2019 Coaches Conference. McQuilkin illustrates the four phases of the competiti...