• University Spotlight: Indiana University of Pennsylvania

    The Exercise Science programs at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) prepares students for a variety of careers, both at the graduate and undergraduate levels, in sport-specific performance, allied health, clinical settings, and general fitness. Graduation from this program will provide stud...

  • Introduction to Force Plates and Performance Testing

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    This course is an introduction to force plates and performance testing. This course covers the basics of setup and calibration of force plates, and then walks through several fundamental performance tests including squat jumps, countermovement jumps, drop jumps and loaded jumps. Two versions of...

  • Posterior Chain Development: The Aesthetics, Performance, Injury Risk Continuum

    Dr. Paul Comfort and Dr. Nick Ripley go in-depth to explain the finer details of developing the posterior chain, including a comparison of exercises for optimal targeted development.

  • Implementation of a Physiological Specific Female Soldier Training Program

    Ryan Carroll presents resources for, and discussion around, the implementation of a physiological specific female soldier training program and how tactical facilitators can optimally train these individuals.

  • VALD Performance Lecture Series: Objective Measurement

    Sasha Birge, CSCS, ATC and Physical Therapist, provides a brief lecture on objective measurement on behalf of VALD Performance.

  • How to Safely Train and Program for the Shoulder Joint

    Gain a deeper understanding of how to safely train and program for the shoulder joint in this presentation from Lee Boyce, from the 2019 Personal Trainers Conference. Access the CEU Quiz here: https://www.nsca.com/certification/ceu-quizzes/how-to-safely-train-and-program-for-the-shoulder-joint/

  • Bridge the Gap Practical - Weight Room Triage for Strength Coaches

    In this hands-on session from the 2022 NSCA’s Coaches Conference, Tex McQuilkin provides strength and conditioning coaches with ways to connect the warm-up to movements in the weight room.