• TrueSport Talks: Mental Wellness and the Modern Coach

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    The United States Anti-Doping Agency has made it's entire 2022 symposium, "Mental Wellness and the Modern Coach" available to the NSCA community.

  • Michael H Stone Sports Science Lecture: Strength - The Foundation of Performance

    In this video from the 2023 NSCA National Conference, Paul Comfort dives into force production as it relates to athletic performance, as well as methods to evaluate it and enhance those characteristics through training.

  • Season 7 Episode 20 with Justin Loudon

  • Dr. Richard Blagrove, NSCA Foundation Young Investigator Grant Recipient

    Dr. Rich Blagrove, is a 2022 Young Investigator Grant recipient and senior lecturer in Physiology at Loughborough University in the UK. Dr. Blagrove's research focuses on the physiological factors influencing endurance running performance, the impact of strength training on running efficiency, an...

  • NSCA Presenter Playbook

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    Be sure to download the How Great Coaches Communicate workbook here: https://nsca.com/globalassets/education/downloads/trainingworkbook.pdf

  • Introduction to Force Plates and Performance Testing

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    This course is an introduction to force plates and performance testing. This course covers the basics of setup and calibration of force plates, and then walks through several fundamental performance tests including squat jumps, countermovement jumps, drop jumps and loaded jumps. Two versions of...