NSCA Presenter Playbook

NSCA Presenter Playbook

Be sure to download the How Great Coaches Communicate workbook here: https://nsca.com/globalassets/education/downloads/trainingworkbook.pdf

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NSCA Presenter Playbook
  • Creating an Effective Presentation

    Jenny Rearick details several key principles to follow when creating a presentation to deliver at an upcoming NSCA event. Download the workbook here: https://nsca.com/globalassets/education/downloads/trainingworkbook.pdf

  • Connecting with Your Audience

    Jenny Rearick shares her most effective tools for connecting with your audience when presenting to strength and conditioning coaches.

  • Conducting a Hands-On Session

    Jenny Rearick walks you through some of the most effective ways to deliver a hands-on presentation specifically for our audience of strength and conditioning coaches.