Personal Trainers Conference

Personal Trainers Conference

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Personal Trainers Conference
  • Advanced Individualization: The Overhead Pattern

    Episode 1

    In this 2018 Personal Trainer Conference hands on presentation, Dr. John Rusin demonstrates how he screens and assesses the upper body and shoulder complex, as well as discusses how to program horizontal and vertical pushing and pulling patterns accordingly.

  • Motor Control Training: It’s Not a Rep Counting Thing

    Episode 2

    In this hands-on session from the 2018 NSCA’s Personal Training Conference, Brian Nguyen explains motor control with an emphasis on conscious breathing. Nguyen also demonstrates exercises and cues to improve overall stability, mobility, strength, and kinesthetic awareness for clients.

  • Recruitment Through Training, Building the Perfect Team

    Episode 3

    In this session from the 2018 Personal Trainers Conference, Douglas Sheppard, Owner of J & D Fitness Personal Training Studio, discusses how hiring quality staff is one of the biggest challenges in strength and conditioning. He also discusses how he discovered where to find a good coach and how t...

  • From Successful Trainer to Gym Owner – 9 Steps to Open Your First Facility

    Episode 4

    Learn a nine-step plan for opening your own gym. In this session from the NSCA’s 2018 Personal Trainers Conference, David Crump shares his experience owning a facility.

  • Be Legendary: 10 Steps for Leading an Impactful Life

    Episode 5

    Bert Sorin, President and Co-Owner of Sorinex Exercise Equipment, discusses his road map to staying relevant in a growing field of competition, provides alternate views of success and the long-term impact as a trainer, and offers insight into effective leadership qualities in this session from th...

  • From Inspiration to Passion, the Five Constructs of the Motivation Process

    Episode 6

    In this 2018 NSCA Personal Training Conference video, Mike Israetel describes how to create and develop motivation in your clients, and how to understand the process of motivation in people.

  • Nutrition, Supplementation, Relative Blood Work, Gene Testing on Athletic Perf.

    Episode 7

    In this session from the 2018 Personal Trainers Conference, Registered and Licensed Dietician, Dawn Weatherwax, provides a detailed look into the different variables that affect nutrition outcomes, body composition, metabolic testing, and supplementation for deficiencies, recovery, and optimal pe...