Personal Trainers Conference

Personal Trainers Conference

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Personal Trainers Conference
  • Sarcopendia and Aging

    Episode 1

    From the 2022 Personal Trainer Virtual Conference, Robert Linkul outlines the devastating effects of sarcopenia and how detrimental it is to the aging body. He offers guidance about programming that will specifically assist older adults in gaining or maintaining muscle mass as they age, and highl...

  • Training the Postpartum Client - Working with Individuals Who Have Given Birth

    Episode 2

    From the 2022 Personal Trainer Virtual Conference, Stephanie Paplinskie discusses the most recent evidence-based exercise recommendations & guidelines for training postpartum individuals. This includes understanding evidence-based guidelines to design safe and effective training programs for post...

  • The Secret Nutrition Language of Your Clients: What They Say and What it Means

    Episode 3

    This session from the 2022 Personal Trainers Virtual Conference, Stephanie Mull explains why optimal nutrition is vital for exercise performance and progression. Identifies measurements of performance that could be connected to suboptimal nutrition, and highlights when a personal trainer needs to...