Tactical Annual Training

Tactical Annual Training

4 Seasons

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Tactical Annual Training
  • Back Off: Strong Backs from Rehabilitation to Performance

    Episode 1

    From the 2019 Tactical Annual Training, Rob Orr, co-lead of Bond University’s Tactical Research Unit, explains how the backs of tactical personnel can be compromised. He also details the systems that affect the back and how to construct programs to optimize physical conditioning and reconditionin...

  • Development of a Comprehensive Injury Prevention Program in a Fire Department

    Episode 2

    Deena Kilpatrick, Joe Jones, and Jill Mills team up in this session from the 2019 NSCA Tactical Annual Training to discuss the various components of a comprehensive injury prevention program within a fire department. They also provide strategies to create and implement a comprehensive injury prev...

  • BridgeAthletic: Compartmentalizing Physical Training: The Data is on the “Floor”

    Episode 3

    From the 2019 Tactical Annual Training, BridgeAthletic's Rob Hartman reminds coaches that with all the technology out there, coaching the moment can still provide all the data you need. Hartman discusses how to use the data to understand the population, the individual, yourself, and coaching effo...

  • Loading and Unloading Strategies: Managing Variables in a Comprehensive Program

    Episode 4

    Joel Raether, Head of Performance at Landow Performance, uses this session to take a closer look at how all variables within a program must be addressed to account for cumulative fatigue, density of variables within, and how to manage stressors for the tactical athlete with high demands for physi...

  • Redefine the Run: 2020 and Beyond

    Episode 5

    In this session from the NSCA’s 2019 Tactical Annual Training, Rob Stanley, a physiologist for the United States Army, reviews historical perspectives of researching the run, current research, and contemporary approaches to training. He also demonstrates current application of 2D kinematic/kineti...

  • Androgen and Nutrition Strategies for Anabolism & Enhanced Warfighter Lethality

    Episode 6

    In this session from the 2019 Tactical Annual Training, Stefan Pasiakos identifies mechanisms by which military operations degrade muscle mass and performance, defines warfighter nutrition requirements, and discusses ethical and efficacious androgen therapies to enhance warfighter lethality.

  • Programming for Law Enforcement: Principles First

    Episode 7

    From the 2019 Tactical Annual Training, Matt Thompson, explains the principles that have helped guide his program design process and how coaches can utilize similar principles to help filter systems and methods to create a more effective training program.