The NSCA is proud to partner with select companies who join us in our efforts to advance the strength and conditioning profession. Discounts for NSCA professionals will be included in the description for each video.

  • K2 Sciences Blood Flow Restriction for Strength & Conditioning

    BFR is having a resurgence. Once limited only to exclusive rehabilitation practitioners, with advances in technology it is now becoming accessible to everyone. K2 Sciences will introduce you to the benefits of BFR to improve strength and muscle mass in athletic populations. Enjoy the discussion...

  • Season 7 Ep 9a Gatorade Special Episode with Jeff Madden

    Legendary strength and conditioning coach Jeff “Maddog” Madden sits down with NSCA Coaching and Sport Science Program Manager, Eric McMahon, and Gatorade Team Sports Manager, Jon Jost, to share stories and lessons from an over four-decade collegiate coaching career. This Gatorade Performance Part...

  • BridgeAthletic Webinar Series

    2 items

  • VALD Performance Lecture Series

    4 items

  • The Polar Interview Series with John Shackleton

    9 items

    Polar sat down with John Shackleton, ShackFit founder, and (former) Villanova Men’s Basketball Strength and Performance Enhancement coach for a wide-ranging discussion regarding offseason training, nutrition, preventing staleness, and facilitating recovery. We have dissected that interview into ...

  • TrainHeroic and Vernon Griffith: Build A Coaching Business You Love

    TrainHeroic is the personal training platform that gives you the tools you need to build a personal training business you love. Train lifelong clients from anywhere in the world, and never sacrifice your personal freedom or stability. Start your free 14-day trial today, and look like the pro you ...

  • The Polar Interview Series with Dan Taylor

    13 items

    The Polar Interview Series with Dan Taylor, former Player Development Coach for Men's Basketball at Georgia Tech, now Director of Applied Sport Science with the Charlotte Hornets.

  • Be Legendary: 10 Steps for Leading an Impactful Life

    Bert Sorin, President and Co-Owner of Sorinex Exercise Equipment, discusses his road map to staying relevant in a growing field of competition, provides alternate views of success and the long-term impact as a trainer, and offers insight into effective leadership qualities in this session from th...

  • Special NSCA Coaching Podcast Episode - The Power of Mentorship

    Mike Minnis, Director of Performance Nutrition and Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Philadelphia Eagles National Football League (NFL) team, talks to the NSCA Coaching and Sport Science Program Manager, Eric McMahon, and guest co-host Jon Jost, a 27-year veteran collegiate streng...

  • Launching Your Career During Challenging Times: Gatorade Performance Partner

    Join Jon Jost, Andrea Hudy, Dr. Patrick Ivey, and Joe Kenn on this engaging roundtable discussion about launching your career in strength and conditioning during challenging times. There are no presentation slides for this session.

  • Episode 48 - Bert Sorin

    Bert Sorin, President and Co-Owner of Sorinex Exercise Equipment, talks to the NSCA Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Scott Caulfield, about Bert Sorin’s upbringing and his experience being a collegiate athlete, how Sorinex is contributing to the field, and how TSAC is continuing to grow and ...