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Coaches Conference

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Coaches Conference
  • Salary Survey Results and Discussion

    Episode 1

    In this session from the NSCA’s 2019 Coaches Conference, prominent strength coaches explore what the 2018 coaching salary survey results tell us about the profession and how to move forward.

  • Staying Relevant and Impactful with Youth Athletics

    Episode 2

    A strength and conditioning coach has the ultimate platform to communicate many lessons that can impact the life of youth athletes. In this 2018 Coaches Conference video, Vernon Griffith goes over how to impact youth athletes in more than just weightlifting, and how to be the coach that they need.

  • Warm-Ups for Speed Development

    Episode 3

    In this hands-on session from the 2019 NSCA Coaches Conference, Scott Charland, Manager of Human Performance for Parkview Health Sports Medicine, introduces his “recipe” for movement patterns that focus on speed development. This can easily be placed into a warm-up session prior to a conditioning...

  • The Experience of Programming: The Why, the How, and the Now

    Episode 4

    Former Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach for Edinburgh Rugby, Ashley Jones, discusses ways to simplify a complex world of programming. Jones lays a foundation of how to construct training programs that relate to the current training environment and how to develop a taxonomy of exercise variati...

  • Bridging the Gap from Rehab to Performance

    Episode 5

    Owner and founder of Structure and Function Education, Susan Falsone, discusses the organizational system she uses to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and performance at the 2019 Coaches Conference. This includes a review of the possible interventions used at each stage as well as linking mi...

  • Learning from Legends

    Episode 6

    Learn from those who were there from the beginning, at the forefront of strength and conditioning, as they provide a historical perspective on the field’s evolution and share lessons learned during this question and answer session from the 2019 NSCA Coaches Conference with Boyd Epley, Meg Stone, ...

  • 50 Mistakes Young Coaches Make That Keep Them from Getting a Position They Want

    Episode 7

    Brian Thompson, Director of Strength and Conditioning at Springfield College, helps young coaches develop an understanding of how small mistakes can make a big difference while interviewing for a strength position. This session provides knowledge of how the selection process works for employers a...

  • The Intersection of Therapy and Performance with the Oklahoma City Thunder

    Episode 8

    From the 2019 NSCA’s Coaches Conference, Andrew Paul, Senior Athletic Performance Coach for the Oklahoma City Thunder in the National Basketball Association (NBA), discusses the importance of the emerging role of the dual-credentialed physical therapist/strength and conditioning specialist and id...

  • Age-Appropriate Dynamic Warm Up

    Episode 9

    In this hands on session from the NSCA’s 2019 Coaches Conference, Performance Specialist from the Michael Johnson Performance Headquarters, Kelli Selman, defines the elements of an effective, efficient, and ethical dynamic warm-up. This session also provides practical and age-specific examples to...

  • Potentiation Warm-Ups for Lifting at the High School Level and Beyond

    Episode 10

    World renowned powerlifter, Matt Wenning, addresses the topic of warm-ups during the 2019 Coaches Conference. Wenning discusses a unique warm-up strategy that coaches can utilize to address athletes’ weak points and reduce the risk of injury through potentiation, pre-fatiguing muscles, and variet...