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  • Training the Postpartum Client - Working with Individuals Who Have Given Birth

    From the 2022 Personal Trainer Virtual Conference, Stephanie Paplinskie discusses the most recent evidence-based exercise recommendations & guidelines for training postpartum individuals. This includes understanding evidence-based guidelines to design safe and effective training programs for post...

  • Sarcopenia and Aging

    From the 2022 Personal Trainer Virtual Conference, Robert Linkul outlines the devastating effects of sarcopenia and how detrimental it is to the aging body. He offers guidance about programming that will specifically assist older adults in gaining or maintaining muscle mass as they age, and highl...

  • Periodization: It's More than Just Programming

  • Programming for the Novice Athlete

    Tex McQuilkin, Director of Training for Power Athlete HQ, defines athleticism as a trainable performance variable at the 2019 Coaches Conference. McQuilkin illustrates the four phases of the competitive lifecycle for sport athletes and empowers coaches with strategies to best apply progressive ov...

  • High Intensity Interval Training: An Updated Application for Old School Sprints

    From the 2021 NSCA National Conference, Dr. Abbie Smith-Ryan discusses updated information, nutritional components, sex-specific considerations, and practical applications of high-intensity interval training.