• A Strength Coach's Approach to Athlete-Centered Nutrition Coaching

    Learn how to design an effective nutrition coaching program for all types of athletes without supplements, support staff, or expensive training tables. In this session from the NSCA’s 2017 Coaches Conference, Adam Feit compares the awfulness- versus awesomeness-based nutrition coaching models.

  • Androgen and Nutrition Strategies for Anabolism & Enhanced Warfighter Lethality

    In this session from the 2019 Tactical Annual Training, Stefan Pasiakos identifies mechanisms by which military operations degrade muscle mass and performance, defines warfighter nutrition requirements, and discusses ethical and efficacious androgen therapies to enhance warfighter lethality.

  • Game Day Nutrition

    Dan Garner discusses the science and practical application around performance nutrition at the NSCA's 2018 Hockey Clinic.

  • Training and Nutrition Times for Combat Sport Athletes

    Eight different tips for combat athletes are discussed, from high level to more specific.

  • Nutrition, Supplementation, Relative Blood Work, Gene Testing on Athletic Perf.

    In this session from the 2018 Personal Trainers Conference, Registered and Licensed Dietician, Dawn Weatherwax, provides a detailed look into the different variables that affect nutrition outcomes, body composition, metabolic testing, and supplementation for deficiencies, recovery, and optimal pe...