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  • Sleep in Elite Athletes

    From the 2022 NSCA’s Coaches Conference, Head of Combat Sports at the Star, Matt Crawley, discusses the importance of sleep in athletes, examines some high performance case studies involving sleep tracking, and provides sleep health resources for strength and conditioning coaches.

  • Building Resilience to Stress and Trauma Through Lifting Heavy Things

    From the 2022 NSCA Tactical Annual Training, discuss trauma and the nervous system of tactical personnel and how coaches can be trauma-informed in the weight room.

  • Making Sense of Asymmetry in Sport Performance and S&C Research

    In this video from the 2022 NSCA National Conference, Chris Bailey discusses monitoring, quantifying, and other relevant research in regard to asymmetries in sport performance.

  • Introduction to Force Plates and Performance Testing

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    This course is an introduction to force plates and performance testing. This course covers the basics of setup and calibration of force plates, and then walks through several fundamental performance tests including squat jumps, countermovement jumps, drop jumps and loaded jumps. Two versions of...