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  • High Intensity Interval Training: An Updated Application for Old School Sprints

    From the 2021 NSCA National Conference, Dr. Abbie Smith-Ryan discusses updated information, nutritional components, sex-specific considerations, and practical applications of high-intensity interval training. Access the CEU Quiz here:

  • The 10 Things You Must Know When Working with Cancer Patients & Survivors

    From the 2021 Personal Training Virtual Conference, Andrea Leonard thoroughly details the impact of various cancer surgeries on muscle balance and range of motion and necessary program considerations. She also discusses the acute and chronic side-effects of cancer treatment and how they may affec...

  • Micro-Dosing Strength Training - a Conceptual Framework

    From the 2022 NSCA’s Coaches Conference, Professor Paul Comfort, Ph.D, CSCS*D, ASCC, discusses micro-dosing strength training in athletes and provides some preliminary research comparing it to a more traditional training approach. This presentation is based on work from Dr Matt Cuthbert’s PhD, wh...

  • Enhancing Performance Under Stress: Cognitive, Physical, and Tactical Training

    Mark Stephenson explains the systems of stress response for tactical personnel and the cognitive influence on decision-making and reaction time. Access the CEU Quiz here:

  • How to Safely Train and Program for the Shoulder Joint

    Gain a deeper understanding of how to safely train and program for the shoulder joint in this presentation from Lee Boyce, from the 2019 Personal Trainers Conference. Access the CEU Quiz here:

  • Muscular Strength: The Foundation of Athletic Performance

    Dr. Tim Suchomel gives the annual Dr. Mike Stone Lecture at the 2021 National Conference and discusses muscular strength in detail, including its effect on performance variables, effective training progressions, and strategies for athletes through the whole training spectrum.
    Access the CEU Quiz...

  • Autonomy-Supportive Coaching - A New Perspective on Training Athletes

    Understanding the hows and whys of human motivation can help us become better coaches. In Autonomy-Supportive Coaching: A New Perspective on Training Athletes, Dr. Adam Feit explores our basic human psychological needs. By practicing excellent coaching behaviors to facilitate an environment that ...

  • Programming for the Novice Athlete

    Tex McQuilkin, Director of Training for Power Athlete HQ, defines athleticism as a trainable performance variable at the 2019 Coaches Conference. McQuilkin illustrates the four phases of the competitive lifecycle for sport athletes and empowers coaches with strategies to best apply progressive ov...

  • Back Off: Strong Backs from Rehabilitation to Performance

    From the 2019 Tactical Annual Training, Rob Orr, co-lead of Bond University’s Tactical Research Unit, explains how the backs of tactical personnel can be compromised. He also details the systems that affect the back and how to construct programs to optimize physical conditioning and reconditionin...

  • Coaching & Training Pre- and Post-Natal Women

    Molly Galbraith, CSCS, discusses coaching and training pre and postnatal women in this session from the NSCA's 2020 Personal Trainer Conference. Access the CEU Quiz here:

  • Fluid Periodization – Training the Modern Day Athlete

    In this session from the 2020 NSCA Coaches Conference, Matt Nein, Coordinator of Sports Performance at Salisbury University, discusses his fluid periodization model for coaches to use to easily adapt to the changing situations on a week-to-week (or even day-to-day) basis, and still optimize train...